Let Bob

Feel Good.
Invest Better.

A Robo Advisor that cares about your feelings and your money. Zero Management Fees for accounts less than $500.

About Bob's AI Technology

Bob uses AI (artificial intelligence) based on smart charting technology owned by Let Bob Technologies, LLC, to pick individual stocks and place buy and sell orders in your bob brokerage account. Our AI is based strictly on fundamental and technical analysis with a blend of proper management skills.

Bob prevents you from making novice mistakes by over-investing in one or two stocks and forces you to use diversity to protect yourself from the stock market risks. Other platforms allow you to invest any amount you want, good or bad.

What type of investor are you?


Gen Z mom of two youngins with a couple of income streams from work and co-parenting support. She’s booked and busy but interested in learning more so she can be in her bag and set her boys up for success.

Nipsey Hustle

Ambitious entrepreneur dedicated to breaking generational curses for himself and his family. He’s the breadwinner of his household and always down to secure another bag, but he is a little skeptical about tapping into investing.


Successful woman working in corporate America with stable income. She is interested in aggressively growing her money to work smarter, so she doesn’t have to work harder. She is on track toward meeting her financial goals, including retirement savings.

Florida and James Evans

Happily married baby boomers, easing into retirement, on medicare, and active AARP members. Both are not very tech savvy but use Facebook to keep up with their adult children and grandchildren. Thrive off personal connections and live off a fixed income.
"Online Trading Platforms don’t care about your feelings or your money!"
Anthony Buchanan
CEO and Financial Advisor
The Problem

There are 3 Fundamental Problems when you decide to trade individual stocks online.

The Solution

The Reasons to Choose Let Bob as your Financial Investment Tool

Enjoy the same type of technology used on Wall Street.

What does Bob Care About?

Your Money
Your Money

He cares about your money by determining the appropriate budget for each investment and preventing you from investing too much.

Your Feelings
Your Feelings

He cares about how you feel when investing by sending notifications of encouragement, news updates, and advice.

Your Investments
Your Investments

He cares about how you invest by preventing you from investing 100% of your money in one investment.