Let Bob Technologies Marks 1st Anniversary of its AI-Powered ETF, ‘LETB’, A Proprietary Technology Gaining Momentum & Providing Stock Investing Opportunities for Black Investors

BIRMINGHAM, AL., Feb. 9, 2023/PRNEWSWIRE/ — Let Bob AI Momentum ETF (Ticker: LETB), the only Black-owned and AI Technology powered ETF, marks its 1-Year trading anniversary today, and moves forward into its second year of removing barriers that have discouraged Black potential investors from widespread stock market investing. As one of two industry-changing proprietary offerings of the also

Black-owned and operated, Let Bob Technologies company, LETB has the rare distinction of being a

black-owned ETF investment vehicle—one of only 4 in the in US—and it is the first to be powered by AI. The AI’s proprietary analysis capabilities results in detailed stock analysis, is a reliable monitor of overall market conditions and can track specific investment strategies, and more. Let Bob Technologies’ proprietary AI offerings also powers their Robo Advisory App which is an industry leader in removing the guess work and emotion from investment decisions. This allows all of their technologies to assist investors in targeting their best trading selections. Let Bob’s ETF is a historic investment vehicle in that it is Black-led, Black-owned and its AI power that is at the heart of its success, was conceived by the Let Bob Technologies CEO and Founder, a former technology engineer. The company is based in Birmingham, Alabama.

“We’re excited about our ETF’s anniversary and the historic significance of our positive movements forward in the investing world. Being that we are Black-owned and have created a leading technology powered investing tool, that any investor can benefit from, is somewhat unbelievable,” said Anthony Buchanan, Founder and CEO of Let Bob Technologies. “The fact that the efficiency of our technology results in our being able to now lead the way in closing the racial wealth gap, as more Black investors begin to trade, will absolutely move Black communities forward, to improve overall financially, and more quickly,”.

Let Bob Technologies provides a comprehensive investing technology tool, that tracks the most ideal choices for investors and creates a solid path toward financial independence and growth for seasoned and new investors, who are seeking wise investment opportunities. The company wants to normalize generational investing and generational wealth building for Blacks and has demonstrated in its historic first year, how Let Bob Technologies’ AI powered offering has created an environment for more consistent and rapid investing.

“As very few Black-owned companies are presently in the financial investment space, we’re ready to advance the financial investing behaviors of current and future Black stock market investors and to provide technology to all investors in the US and internationally. This is the time to consider tapping into the power of our powerful and rare AI technology trading solution,” CEO Buchanan shared. “The fact that we can share this invitation to take a closer look at us, on our ETF’s 1-year anniversary, is a gift. Just still being here and thriving is a gift we hope to continue giving to the industry, and a gift we want to continue receiving, as the numbers of our investors and overall supporters grow.”

Let Bob Technologies is in a rare position to lead a movement of Black investors who are ready to more intimately explore stock market investing but may be uncertain of where to begin or who are indecisive about with whom to invest. You can learn more about the Let Bob Technologies ETF (LETB) at:

About Let Bob

Let Bob Technologies provides risk-managed investment solutions for advisors and investors, powered by artificial intelligence capabilities and proprietary methodology, that actively manages portfolios and consistently delivers on investment. Founded by its current company CEO Anthony Buchanan, whose key business motivation is to close the wealth gap, Let Bob has continued its historic rise as the only Black-owned, AI powered ETF to support Black investors, as they make critical stock investment decisions. Let Bob Technologies is the creator of two game changing finance industry technology offerings, an ETF with ticker (LETB) and the Let Bob Robo Advisory app available in Google and Apple app stores.

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